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Surprise visit

The veterans enjoying the most recent retreat at the Samye Ling had a guest appearance from the bossman: Lama Yeshe Rinpoche!


Louise’s retreat blog

By Louise Minhas

My deepest thanks to you Keith and your organisation Sadaya. A few days after the retreat I can share with you that I feel so much calmer, relaxed and secure in my practices for a more mindful life.


Hurray for Holyrood

Members of the Veteran’s Community Cafe had a rare chance to see behind the scenes at Scotland’s centre of power – the parliament at Holyrood.



Tai Chi

There is a Tai Chi class every Wednesday night at the cafe.


What we do

Sadaya seeks to serve and support veterans – former and retired members of the UK armed forces, police, fire services, Merchant Navy or other emergency services and their families. The word Sadaya is Hindi and means humane.


Speakers & Events


Meditation is a means of settling and transforming the mind.



The Cabinet Secretary for veterans, Keith Brown MSP, is among the high-profile visitors to the cafe.